6 Ways To Feel Like A Brand New Person

#6 Be Productive

Accomplish something before the time you usually wake up. Rather than waking up and rushing out the door, enjoy your shower, read you favorite blogs, eat breakfast, go for a run.

#5 Accomplish Tasks

Make a to-do list and check things off of it. In order to do this, you have to make your list realistic. Don’t sell yourself short, work at accomplishing those tasks. But also, it’s impossible to write a whole book, or lose 20 lbs. in one day. At the end of the day, that list is a testament to you being productive and you will feel proud of yourself. You deserve it!

#4 Go Away…By Yourself

Treat yourself. Go where you want to go and buy yourself a nice dinner. Accommodating to others all of the time can get tiresome. You deserve a little pampering sometimes. And who knows you better than, well…yourself.

#3 Take Up a Hobby

Remember when you did things as a kid because they were fun? Do that again! Adults sometimes forget what it’s like to not worry about money, time, and other kinds of capital. Who cares and just do it!

#2 Learn

Try something new for a change. It keeps you sharp. It keeps you humble. It reminds you that you’re a smart, capable, human being. No one earth knows everything. If they did, Jeopardy wouldn’t exist.

#1 Switch it Up

Sometimes your daily routine isn’t the only thing making you feel a little bored. Switch around your room from time to time. You’ll find things you thought you lost. You’ll find a new appreciation for certain areas in your room that you never realized were awesome. It’s a great fresh new start!



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