The future comes slowly, the present flies and the past stands still forever. . .Positive Words for the Day

“The future comes slowly, the present flies and the past stands still forever.” – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller


The number one thing you need to convince yourself of is that you CAN do whatever you seek to accomplish.  If there are skills you must have, you can learn them.  If there are resources you need, you can locate them.  Your beliefs and commitments drive possibility into otherwise difficult situations.  Convince yourself to achieve, and you will find a way to get there. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect partner, stop.  There’s no such thing.  There are only different flavors of imperfect ones.  In fact, you are just as imperfect as the partner you seek.  You simply need to find someone whose imperfections complement your own.

The biggest problem standing between you and your goal is the sorry excuse you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.  Sure, a believable excuse may enable you to save face in the short-term, to appear more diligent than you know you are, but eventually this lie will catch up to you.  The question you should be asking yourself is:  “Do I want to seem successful to someone else, or do I want to know in my heart that I am?”

Do something extraordinary.  Accept life’s opportunities.  Realize that if you never step up to a challenge that’s a bit over your head, you’ll never know how tall you truly are.  Rise to each challenge and continue adding value to the ever-growing possibilities that await your brilliance.

Do not wish your moments away.  Do not ruin today by focusing on another time and place.  There is only now; realize how rich you are in it.  It stands to reason that if you learn to live well you will eventually pass on well too, in complete peace.  The skills are the same: being present in the moment, and brave, and thankful for all the opportunities you have.

Happiness is the journey.  Open your eyes.  Don’t miss it.

-Marc Chernoff

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