Powerful Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

By Angela Escobar for MCTS

For life coaches, the first few sessions with a new client can be awkward if you don’t know what to ask. Opening up a coaching session by asking the right questions is imperative to setting the foundation for a (hopefully) long-lasting client-coach relationship.  Last year, the International Coach Federation (ICF) asked their followers on Facebook and Twitter: What are some of the most powerful questions you love using with clients to get them talking during a coaching session?  Below is a list of the Top 25 questions hand-picked by the ICF, posted in their article “25 Powerful Questions to Get Clients Talking”.  But these don’t have to be questions that a life coach asks a client.  For coaches, these questions may help to break the ice during a coaching session, but when one stops and considers these questions thoughtfully, they are powerful enough to bring about positive changes in anybody, anywhere, at any time. The answers that float up to the surface may surprise and inspire you, or give you clarity and a new perception.  Try out a few and give thought to the answers that manifest within yourself.

1. If I were to give you an extra hour a day, what would you do with it?
—Francisco Alvarez

2. What would you do if you had unlimited resources?
—Karen Martin Miner

3. What story is holding you back?
—Chris Padgett

4. What will you do first?
—Katarzyna Wojnar

5. What’s holding you back?
—Jenny Leow

6. How much energy are you willing to put into that?
—Alisa Manjarrez

7. How would your ideal self create a solution?
—Mark Smith

8. What are you trying to prove to yourself?
—Jessica Malavez

9. If I was in your shoes and asked for advice, what would be the first thing you’d tell me?
—Thom J. Ferrie

10. What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?
—Alyssa Gonzalez

11. Just because that happened in the past, why must it happen again?
—Renee Stuart

12. Is what you are doing helping you follow your joy?
—Jen Mickelson

13. If your money could talk, what would it say to you?
—Lucio Andrés Pérez

14. What is the experience you are looking to create?
—Rodney Mueller

15. How does this decision match up with who you know you are?
—Rebecca Macfarlane

16. When will you start?
—Pat Kennedy

17. What small steps can you take to get you closer to your vision?
—Josephine de la Paz

18. What are you waiting for?
—Juan Elías Romero Vázquez

19. What do you think the moral of that story is?
—Brent Nestler

20. What part of what you’ve just said could be an assumption?
—Rachel Mendonca Gojer

21. What are the positive outcomes of this negative situation?
—Vanya L. Marinova

22. What story do you most often hear yourself telling?
—Nancy Mathias

23. And … ?
—Katy Caroan

24. If you knew the answer, what would it be?
—Rita Tourigny

25. What am I not asking you that you really want me to ask?
—Annie Gelfand

Source: International Coach Federation

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