Free Life Coach Training & Certification to kick off the new year!



Become A Life Coach in 2016- Scholarships Available

Moksha Center for Transformative Studies is currently accepting applications for their online Life Coach training program, which begins Monday, January 4, 2016.

We are a “without walls” organization, but we are based out of Dallas, Texas. Please do not hesitate to email us for more information or questions before applying.

Applicants will automatically be considered for full and partial scholarships.  Currently we are offering 10 full scholarships which will cover full tuition (training plus certification for one year), and 10 partial scholarships which will cover half of the tuition for training and certification for one year.  Every applicant will be considered automatically upon submitting an application. 

Our online life coach training program consists of several opportunities to learn and grow through exploratory exercises, a capstone project, and practicum (coaching hours).  The learning platform is user friendly.  Your instructor will be available to guide you in your learning journey.  This program consists of 5 training modules, 1 capstone project, and a practicum where you will be given the opportunity to practice your coaching skills–completed entirely online.  No need to worry about commuting.

All training materials are included.  No need to purchase textbooks. 

The deadline to register is November 30, 2015. Contact us to request more information OR if you are ready to apply, please click on the link below to complete and submit your application.

Complete your application for enrollment HERE
Want to know more about Moksha Center for Transformative Studies? Visit our webstore and explore.

Sign up for Life Coach Training on our Facebook Page (click the “Sign Up” button on our Cover). 

Have questions about this program? Email us:

Want to speak with an instructor?  Request an appointment to speak during office hours at 


Inspire.  Educate.  Empower.


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